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Other Options

Single Wheel Mudflaps


Want mud flaps on your single wheel gooseneck? We offer single wheel mudflaps on the following models:

  • FS
  • T8
  • T9
  • Option Code: -MD01

Pallet Fork Holders


  • Offers quick and convenient storage of pallet forks for skid steers and tractors
  • Holders built out of 2" x 6" rectangular tubing
  • Standard outside width of holders is 45"
  • Openings are 5.75" wide
  • Available on CC, T6, TF, and T7
  • Forks can be secured with strap or chain
  • Not available on goosenecks (would exceed 102" wide)

Under Frame Tie Down Flat


  • Tie down flat is used for strapping down cargo and equipment
  • Flat is mounted below the deck of the trailer, welded to each cross-member
  • Made from 2" x 3/8" steel flat
  • Gives you unlimited tie-down points the entire length of the deck
  • 2004 DOT law made it illegal to use rub rail for load securement
  • Flat runs from the front of the deck to the dovetail
  • Often ordered in combination with our 4" winch ratchets on a slide-track
  • Dealer Option Code: (9) flat on one side or (99) flat on both sides
  • Available on FS, LD, FD, FY, and LY Models

Gooseneck Riser Tool Box


  • Offers additional storage for chains, straps, binders, gloves, etc.
  • Box faces the rear of the gooseneck and is accessible from the trailer deck
  • Tandem dual gooseneck box outside dimensions 46"w x 11"d x 16"h
  • Available on any PJ gooseneck trailer (most popular on FS, FD, LD, FY, LY, & CC)
  • Can be used to enclose a winch with factory installed winch plate as base of box (hole and/or fairlead for cable must be cut by end user based on winch design)
  • Option Code: -TB03

Solid Sides with Pipe-top Rail


We offer 22" Solid Metal Sides with a 2" Pipetop Rail on our channel frame utility trailers (U6, U7, & U8). This option is quite popular with contractors, landscapers, and rental customers. Also, some prefer solid metal sides over expanded metal, since signs & graphics can be applied directly to the trailer's side.

  • Fits U6, U7, & U8 Channel Utilities
  • Total side height is 22"
  • Top rail is made from 2" pipe
  • Sides bolt-on through stake pockets
  • Dealer Option Code: Z

Deck on the Neck


Our deck on the neck option turns an area that is typically wasted into highly usable deck space. This option is quite popular for hauling attachments, tools, bales, and palleted cargo. It is also used on some hot-shot trailers since it allows the driver to carry additional cargo.

  • Mitered corners for cab clearance
  • Outside frame made from 6" x 2" tubing
  • 3" Channel Crossmembers on 16" centers
  • 102" wide (rail to rail) x 96" long
  • Approximate weight: 450 lbs/204 kg
  • Includes clearance lighting
  • Includes Stake Pockets, Rubrail, & Pipe Spools
  • D-rings & slide track w/ ratchets can be added

17.5 in. Trailer Wheels and Tires


17.5" tires have become quite popular for high mileage trailers especially in the hot shot, oil field, and transport services. These tires are offered in load range H (16 ply) and load range J (18 ply) ratings.

  • Dual wheel (white) and tire pictured below on 12,000 lbs axle
  • Single wheel (silver) and tire pictured below on 8,000 lbs axle

Landscape Trailer Sides


We offer both 2 ft & 4ft expanded metal sides on our channel frame utility trailers (U6, U7, & U8). These sides are most popular for landscaping, hauling brush, and ATV/UTV use.

Other Benefits

  • Fits U6, U7, & U8 Channel Utility Trailers
  • Sides bolt-on through stake pockets
  • 2ft Sides Option Code: 2
  • 4ft Sides Option Code: 4
  • Other popular options to order with landscape sides include a side gate and landscape cage.

Power Tail Specs

  • Models Available: FS, FD, LS, LD, L3 & SD
  • Tail footprint: 72" long x 94" wide tail footprint
  • Tail cover material: 11 gauge diamond plate
  • Cross-members: 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle
  • Ramp Gussets: 10 gauge formed steel
  • Total Estimated Weight of Power Tail Option: 1100 lbs (includes tail, box, cylinder, battery, etc)

Expanded Metal Landscape Toolbox


Our landscape tool boxes mount at the front of utility trailers and are offered in 60", 77", or 83" widths (dependent on the width of the trailer). This cage is great for storing gas cans, trimmer line spools, shovels, and more.

  • Fits U6, U7, & U8 Channel Utility Trailers
  • Requires either 2 or 4 ft expanded metal sides
  • Cage door uses lynch pins that can be replaced with locks
  • Landscape Toolbox Option Code: C

Side Mount Wood Rack


Side mount wood racks (aka dunnage racks) are a great place to store your 4x4 lumber, commonly used when hauling pipe. This 8 ft rack mounts under the deck and is welded to the main beam of the trailer. This option is very popular on purpose built hot shot trailers.

Update: We now offer a second wood rack option that has a hinged door. This allows you to drop the door to store bulky items like tarps and toolboxes in the rack.

Rough Oak Floor


Rough oak floor is our most durable floor option. We always recommend using rough oak for any trailer that will be hauling steel tracked vehicles.

Torque Tube


A torque tube absorb the twisting forces that are applied to the trailer frame during loading and hauling. Adding a torque tube to your trailer creates a more stable platform with less flex and sway when hauling.

  • Fits D7, D9, DJ, & DL dump trailers
  • 5 1/2" outside diameter pipe
  • .237" wall thickness

Rear Support Jacks


Rear support jacks stabilize the tail of the trailer during loading. When you order your trailer with rear support jacks we install two 5,000 lbs Bulldog pipe mount top-wind jacks.

Under Frame Bridging


Dump Spare Tire and Mount


The dump spare tire and mount option is a full size spare that is installed in front of the fender on the passenger side just below the dump side support. The spare tire and mount can also be mounted on the driver side if requested.

  • Trailer Models: D7, D9, DL, & DJ

Deckover Dump Spare Tire Mount


The bumperpull deckover dump spare tire mount is installed on the front side of the dump trailer. This is the most convenient area to mount your spare tire since the deckover dump trailer sides fold down.

6 in. Taller Gooseneck Riser


Do you have lifted truck or big cab & chassis with a tall bed height? If so, you might want to consider ordering your gooseneck with a 6" taller riser. Our 6" taller riser will keep your gooseneck trailer riding level. If you aren't sure about this option we recommend taking your truck to your local PJ Trailers Dealer and hooking up to a standard gooseneck to see if the taller risers are needed.

19 lb I-beam Frame, Riser, and Neck


Our single wheel goosenecks come with 12" x 14 lb I-beam standard for the frame, risers, and neck. We recommend upgrading to 19 lbs I-beam on single wheel goosenecks that are 30 ft or more.

19 lb I-beam Specifications

  • Weight per ft: 19 lbs
  • Height: 12.16"
  • Flange Width: 4.005"
  • Web Thickness: .235"

22 lb I-beam Frame, Riser, and Neck


We recommend upgrading to 22 lbs I-beam on dual wheel goosenecks that have a 30,000 lbs GVWR. This would include triple axle gooseneck with three 10k or 12k axles. This would also include tandem dual gooseneck with two 15k or 16k axles.

22 lb I-beam Specifications

  • Weight per ft: 22 lbs
  • Height: 12.31"
  • Flange Width: 4.030"
  • Web Thickness: .260"

Regular Sides with Solid Metal


Our utility trailers sides can be ordered with a solid metal backing. The backing is made from 16 gauge smooth plate steel and fill the inside of the standard 9" high removable sides. These sides are not to be confused with our 22" Solid Metal Sides w/ 2" Pipe-top Rail

  • Option Code: 5
  • Models Available: U6, U7, & U8

HD 24 in. Dump Side Extensions


Need taller sides on your dump trailer? We offer HD 24" Dump Side Extensions on our 83" wide models. These sides slide into the stake pocket, bolt to the dump bed, and in the front corners. These HD sides are made from heavy 10 gauge material, making them the toughest side extensions on the market.

  • Option Code: H
  • Models Available: D7, D9, DJ, & DL

Expanded Metal Side Extensions


Need taller sides on your dump trailer? We offer Expanded Metal Side Extensions on our 83" wide models. These sides slide into the stake pockets and tubing on the rear doors. Compared to solid side extensions they have less wind drag and are lighter.

  • Option Code: V
  • Models Available: D7, D9, DJ, & DL

Dump Side Extensions


Need taller sides on your dump trailer? We offer steel side extensions on our 83" wide models. Steel side extensions are smoother than wooden side extensions are easy to install and remove. These sides slide into the stake pockets and tubing on the rear doors. We also offer Heavy Duty Side Extensions and Expanded Metal Side Extensions.

  • Option Code: Y
  • Models Available: D7, D9, DJ, & DL

Douglas Fir


We use kiln dried No. 2 Douglas Fir lumber that is typically sourced from the Western United States. Douglas Fir makes excellent trailer decking as it's known for being very dimensionally stable, strong, and having good rot resistance. Douglas Fir is also known for having fewer and smaller knots than Southern Yellow Pine.

11 Gauge Steel Floor with D-rings


Steel floors on trailers are most popular for their long term durability. Other advantages are easy clean-up and you can weld directly to the floor. Note: We recommend upgrading to 16" on centers in conjunction with the steel floor for our light car haulers (C4 and C5) and utility trailers.

  • Available on D5 dump model
  • Option Code: R

Pair of D-rings


  • D-rings rated at 11,780 lbs
  • Option Code: D

Extra Dump Trailer D-rings


PJ solid dump trailers come equipped with weld-on 4 d-rings, one in each corner. If you would like extra d-rings added, we can add them in pairs. The extra d-rings will be placed at a the same height in the corners and spaced evenly.

  • Dump D-rings rated at 9,000 lbs
  • Option Code: D

Tarp Brackets


Almost all states have tarping laws that apply to dump trailers requiring you to keep your aggregate from escaping the dump trailer bed. Even if your area does not require a tarp, we encourage using a tarp as they reduce material and cargo loss. Our tarp brackets making adding a roll-up tarp to your dump trailer painless.

  • Compatible with PJ Tarp Kits
  • Option Code: B

Dump Tarp Kit


Most states require dump tarps by law to keep your cargo/aggregate in your trailer. We offer a pull bar mesh tarp kit that is installed in the front of the dump on our tarp mount brackets. These pull bar tarp kits can come installed from the factory or be bolted on a later date.

  • Option Code: P

Extra Grain Chute


  • Available on D7, D9, DD, DJ, DL, DN, & DS models
  • Option Code: Z
  • Part Number: 160178

Power Up and Down with Gravity Down


The standard hydraulic unit on a PJ dump or tilt trailer has a power up and down hydraulics. With a power up/power down plus gravity down unit, you reduce the current draw by using gravity when lowering your tilt or dump trailer. This innovation reduces battery consumption and increases your raise and lower cycles per day. This pump is not compatible with our wireless remote kit.

  • Available on D2, D7, D8, D9, DD, DJ, DL, DN, DS, T6, T8, & TF models
  • Option Code: R

Extra LED Lights


Upgrade your utility trailer lights with our LED light package option. LED lights are brighter, faster, draw less current, and last longer than incandescent lights. The lights are so reliable they feature a lifetime warranty.

12 inch on Center Cross Members


Our standard dump trailer cross-members are on 16" centers. The upgrade to 12" on center cross-members reduces the span between cross-members on the bed of your dump trailer. This option is most popular for users that are loading heavy equipment or large rocks.

  • Available on D5 dump model
  • Option Code: R

9990 GVWR


This option sets the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) to 9,990 lbs (4,531 Kg)

Weld-on Strap Ratchets


  • Working load limit: 5,500 lbs/2500 kgs
  • Winch ratchets use 4" straps (not included)
  • Winch ratchets are weld to the outside frame (2" x 6" tube)
  • This option is often combined with the Under Frame Tie Down Flat
  • We also offer Slide Track Ratchets

Half Inch Square Traction Bars


Our half inch square traction bars significantly increase your traction when loading equipment on a hydraulic dovetail or tilt trailer. The half inch bars are welded to the rear of the trailer tail. They also make loading in wet and icy conditions safer.

  • Option Code: -TRA1
  • Available on FY, LY, SY, T6, T7, T8, T9, TD, & TF models

V-Nose Deck


With our V-nose option, the front deck of the trailer is extended forward to make a "V" over the tongue. The rub rail is wrapped around the frame, allowing you to drive off the front of the trailer. This option works great for snow mobile trailers and ATVs. Our V-nose deck option is available on our L5 and L6 deckover trailers.

  • Available on D5 dump model
  • Option Code: R

Blackwood Rubber Infused Lumber (Patent Pending)


What is Blackwood?

Blackwood is a wooden lumber product with rubber infused to the top of each board. Blackwood Classic has a rubber insert that covers approximately 75% of the board surface. Blackwood Pro has rubber layer that covers the entire top surface of each board. Blackwood solves several age old trailer lumber problems.


Blackwood considerably improves traction over typical lumber. Better traction makes for easier loading and unloading especially in wet weather conditions. Also, with the tactile surface of Blackwood your cargo is less likely to slide and shift while towing your trailer.


Blackwood is an exceptionally durable trailer deck solution. The industrial grade rubber in Blackwood is also used in other extreme wear, high impact applications like absorbing bullets at indoor gun ranges. The rubber helps absorb heavy impacts that might crack or damage typical lumber. This ultra-durable material also can handle twisting and torque of equipment like skid steers without issue.

Lumber Quality

Blackwood is made with Weyerhauser Treater Series Lumber that is even better than our standard pressure treated No 2 pine. Treater series lumber goes through strict computerized grading that greatly minimizes warping. This patented process makes for a very consistent and stable trailer deck.

Safety & Comfort

Blackwood increases your traction when walking on the trailer deck. This helps prevent slipping & falling, improving your personal safety. Also, if you spend a lot time walking or working on your trailer deck it is more comfortable for your feet and knees than typical lumber.

Looks Great, Lasts Longer

Since the majority of the surface of Blackwood is rubber, it doesn't fade and age like wood. It is UV resistant, won't stain, and can be easily cleaned with water. The rubber surface also helps keep the board unified to reduce cracking or splitting as it ages. With Blackwood your trailer deck will look newer and more professional for many years to come.

Square Traction Bars

If you are adding Blackwood to tilt or hydraulic dovetail we also would recommned adding our square traction bars for the ultimate high traction setup.

Receiver Hitch


  • Includes plate with holes for safety chains
  • Receiver tube is mounted flush to the rear bumper
  • Accept 2" square ball mounts
  • We recommend the 7-way Plug in the Rear Bumper option.
  • Please check local towing laws

7 Way Plug in the Rear Bumper


  • Additional 7 way plug located on the rear bumper of the trailer
  • Most commonly used in conjunction with the receiver hitch option
  • Please check local towing laws

Monster Steps


Monster Steps are now the standard side step for PJ Trailers.

  • Made from steel grating for increased traction
  • 12.5" wide allowing both feet to be on the step at once for improved stability & safety
  • Excellent grip in mud & snow
  • Self-cleaning
  • Standard step on the following models: FS, FD, LS, LD, SD, SY, LY, FY, TD, F8, T8, & T9
  • PJ Part #162299

Winch Ratchets with Slide Track


  • Slide track channel is welded to the outside frame (2" x 6" tube)
  • Gives you unlimited tie-down points the entire length of the deck
  • This option is often combined with the Under Frame Tie Down Flat
  • Working load limit: 5,500 lbs/2500 kgs
  • Sliding winch ratchets use 4" straps (not included)
  • Includes one fixed weld-on ratchet between the axles
  • Slide track does not extend to the dovetail
  • Dealer Option Code: (K) slide track on one side or (KK) slide track on both sides
  • Available on FS, LD, FD, FY, LY, & F8 Models