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Jack & Coupler Options

10K Dump Jack


Upgrade to a 10,000 lbs high capacity jack for your bumper-pull dump trailer.

  • Spring loaded drop leg for easy retracting
  • Lift capacity 10,000 lbs
  • Static capacity 12,000 lbs
  • Side wind handle

Gooseneck to Kingpin Adapters


Our Gooseneck to Kingpin Adapters allow you to pull our gooseneck trailers with a fifth wheel hitch. Simply slide the adjustable height gooseneck coupler down out of the outer clamping sleeve on the neck and slip the kingpin adapter up into the sleeve and pin it in place taking care to tighten the set screw(s) to prevent movement. These kingpin adapters are equipped with 2" SAE Kingpins and have a black powder coat finish.

  • 2" SAE King Pin
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Two Handles
  • 30k capacity
  • Round Gooseneck Kingpin Adapter PJ Part #: 140300
  • Square Gooseneck Kingpin Adapter PJ Part #: 140301
  • Square Gooseneck Kingpin Adapter w/ 18" bolster plate PJ Part #: 140302

Two Speed Jost Jacks


Jost jacks have quickly become one of the most popular two speed trailer jacks on the market. They have a patented internal gear box that protects the gearing from abuse and minimizes water intrusion.

  • Made in the USA
  • Fits FS, FD, LD, FY, LY, TD, T9, & SY trailers
  • 50k lifting capacity per pair
  • Internal Two-Speed Gearbox
  • A400 Dropleg Model
  • Spring loaded drop leg for quick retraction
  • Legs are sealed to keep water out
  • Slide handle in and out to change gears
  • 5 year warranty
  • Low gear, 32 turns = 1" of travel
  • High gear, 3.5 turns = 1" of travel
  • Standard jack on our Stepdeck Trailer
  • Note: Jost jacks are liquid painted (not powder coated)

Bulldog BX1 Couplers


  • Has dual grease fittings to grease the ball and locking plate for smooth operation
  • Bottom socket plate is 50% larger than competitors, making it much easier to position the ball under the socket
  • Can be operated easily with one hand and is extremely simple to lock and unlock
  • Moving the handle to the bottom of the coupler allows for more vertical adjustment since there is no longer handle assembly on the tube. A "shorty" version is available, which is especially useful for lifted trucks.
  • The BX1 is a direct replacement for our previous Bulldog Coupler
  • The ball fits better and reduces jarring by having an additional contact point

Two Speed Jacks


Our two speed Bulldog jacks make cranking loads both faster and easier.

  • Use low gear for full power (loaded)
  • Use high gear for speed (unloaded)
  • Spring loaded drop leg for easy retracting
  • Lift capacity 10,000 lbs
  • Static capacity 12,000 lbs
  • Planetary gear box (switch gears in any position)

Hydraulic Trailer Jacks


The PJ Trailers self-contained hydraulic Monster Jacks™ make raising and lowering your trailer as simple as pressing a button.

This option is becoming more popular due to the amount of energy it takes to raise and lower the trailer. Not only do Monster Jacks™ save your back, they also save you time by reducing 1-2 minutes required to raise a trailer to around 5-10 seconds. You also will no longer need to bend over to raise & lower the jack foot after the trailer has been hitched to the truck.

  • 12k Jack Rating
  • Hydraulic Power Up & Down
  • 5" x 5" Tube Construction
  • Oversized Jack Foot
  • KTI Hydraulic Unit
  • Interstate Deep Cycle Battery
  • Two-Button Remote
  • Parker Hoses & Fittings
  • Monster Jacks™ are Exclusive to PJ Trailers
  • Hydraulic Unit and Battery Contained in Locking Front Toolbox
  • Hydraulic Unit and Battery can be mounted in a side mount toolbox for an additional charge
  • Option Codes: JA06 (Gooseneck Dual Jacks) & JA05 (Bumperpull Single Jack)

25,000 lbs Rigid Mount Bumper-pull 2 5/16" Coupler


If you need the 25,000 lbs bumper pull rating but don't like tow rings or pintle hooks, the 25,000 lbs 2 5/16" rigid mount coupler is a great alternative. This multi-position coupler mounts to the nose plate with four (4) 5/8" bolts.

  • 25,000 lbs rating
  • Three vertical positions available
  • Mounting bolt holes are 4.5" apart

Pintle Ring Couplers


Pintle/Tow/Lunette rings give you full range of motion across uneven terrain that might cause a ball coupler to bind or break. Tow rings are typically more common on our higher GVWR trailers (14,000 - 30,000 lbs) and are the coupler of choice for most dump trucks.

Almost every PJ Trailer can be ordered with a pintle/tow ring.

Trailers built with 12" I-beam frame receive the face mount ring that rates at 36,000 lbs. Trailers built with 6-8" channel or I-beam receive a channel mount tow ring that rates at 20,000 lbs.