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Axles & Suspension

Hutch Suspension


The Hutch 9700 suspension has become quite popular on heavy equipment and hot shot trailers. The Hutch suspension is more durable than your typical spring suspension offering torque arms allowing for adjustment, million mile bushings, and maintenance free hub fasteners. You can learn more about the Hutch 9700 Spring Suspension at the Official Hutch Website.

Triple Axle Dump Trailer


  • Option features three 7,000 lbs axles for 21,000 lbs GVWR
  • Scissor hoist reversed for axle clearance
  • Option code is "73BS"
  • Available on the 16 ft D9 & DJ dump trailers

Pro Maxx Gen 3 Air Suspension by Ridewell

The Pro Maxx Gen 3 Air Suspension was developed by Ridewell Suspensions and PJ Trailers. This suspension is the smoothest riding gooseneck air suspension on the market and is exclusive to PJ Trailers. Expect greatly improved driver comfort and excellent cargo protection with the Pro Maxx Gen 3 suspension. The Pro Maxx Gen 3 system also uses the highest quality premium components from major manufacturers.


  • Ride Quality - Reduces the chucking (push-pull) of the tow vehicle and lessening the fatigue of the driver and passengers
  • Cargo Protection - Smoother ride protects sensitive cargo
  • Reduces Wear & Tear - Less trailer bouncing/jarring extends life of components and trailer frame
  • 5 Year Warranty - Ridewell offers a 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Adjustable Deck Height - Deck height can be lowered for loading & unloading
  • Lift Axle Availability - Available lift axle option saves fuel and component wear when not hauling cargo
  • Quiet Ride - Air suspension is much quieter than squeaky leaf springs
  • Self Contained Air Supply - The air compressor is location on the trailer. Your truck does not require any special hook-ups, only the standard 7 way plug
  • Available Ratings - Our system is available on 7,000, 8,000, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 & 16,000lb axles tandem and triple configurations
  • Constant Deck Height - Regardless of the payload weight your deck height will not change
  • Tire Inflation - The onboard air compressor can be used for inflating tires
  • 110v Integrated Charger - Every Pro Maxx Gen 3 comes with an integrated battery charger. Simply plug in your extension cord to quickly recharge the battery.
  • SMC Fittings - System is equipped with high quality SMC fittings
  • Viair Compressor - System is equipped with industry leading Viair compressor
  • Firestone Air Springs - Equipped with Firestone Air Springs, the World's #1 Air Spring
  • Tenneco™ Bushings - Equipped with industry standard Tenneco™ rubber bushings
  • Interstate™ Battery - The Pro Maxx Gen 3 suspension is equipped with an Interstate Deep Cycle battery
  • Securelok™ Pivot Nut - Equipped with Securelok™ Pivot Nut that is resistant to loosening under vibration
  • SpeedSet® Alignment System - Offers +/- .25" of adjustment at the hanger
  • Five Gallon Tank - Our Pro Maxx Gen 3 air suspension includes a five (5) gallon tank with drain valve to drain moisture
  • Tow Vehicle Charging - The tow vehicle trickle charges the deep cycle battery.
  • Custom Control Panel - The Pro Maxx Gen 3 includes a custom control panel.

How easy is the air suspension to maintain?

Our air suspension requires very little maintenance. We use the highest quality components like brass SMC fittings, Firestone bags, and Viair compressors. If you need to make a repair, many of the components are easily found at your local trailer repair facilities.

Lift Axle Option

We are very excited to introduce a lift axle option for air suspension equipped trailers. Most people are familiar with lift axles from their popularity in the semi-trailer industry.

Key benefits of the lift axle options include

  • Reduces unnecessary tire wear when hauling empty
  • Improves the turning radius of trailer
  • Reduces lateral tire wear and "scrubbing" when turning
  • Axle can be lifted when traveling empty on toll roads to reduce tolls
  • Fuel Savings
  • Option Code: L (10,000 w/ electric brakes air ride lift axle would be axle code "A2BL")

Hydraulic Disc Trailer Brakes


If there is one single option our high mileage gooseneck customers consider a "must have" it is our Dexter hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes will stop faster, last longer, and are typically cheaper to maintain for high mileage trailers. All of our axles from 7k to 12k can be ordered with hydraulic disc brakes with hydraulic drum brakes available on 15k axles.

How do hydraulic disc brakes work?

Electric over hydraulic brakes use your standard electric brake controller to control a hydraulic disc brake system that resides solely on the trailer. The trailer has its own hydraulic disc brake actuator mounted inside the gooseneck or tongue. The tow vehicle does not need anything other than an electric brake controller to use this hydraulic brake system. This actuator converts the electrical signal from your brake controller into hydraulic pressure to press the brake pads against the rotors, in turn stopping the trailer.

Electric Brakes vs Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The one advantage that electric brakes have over hydraulic disc brakes is the initial cost is lower and that is only true advantage. As most hot shot truckers will tell you, the hydraulic disc brakes are more expensive up front but are cheaper to maintain. Hydraulic disc brakes outperform electric brakes in stopping power, have less brake fade and better heat dissipation. If you live in area with hills or mountains, upgrading to hydraulic disc is even more important.

  • Increased Stopping Power
  • Cheaper to Maintain
  • Less Brake Fade
  • Shorter Stopping Distance Increases Safety
  • Better Heat Dissipation
  • Hydraulic Lines More Durable Than Electric Wires
  • Available on 7k, 8k, 10k, and 12k axles
  • Available on FD, FY, LD, LY, DD, SD, & TD Models